Melbourne Cocktail Festival

Symposium 28th March, 2023

Melbourne Cocktail Festival has announced a killer lineup for its 2023 Symposium, with nine incredible voices and three provocative topics.

Taking place on Tuesday, March 28th at Music Market in Collingwood, Melbourne, and in its 3rd year, the trade-focused Symposium will tackle pressing concerns, issues, and stories to celebrate within the bar and hospitality industry. Speakers include bar royalty Rob Libecans, Kate Rowlands, Charlie Lehmann and Cara Devine as well as distillery owners Matt Jones and Will Edwards plus off-license representation from Rachael Niall. Chairing the debate is journalist Sam Bygrave, while the day will be hosted by MCF’s own Jane Ryan.

These industry leaders will sink their teeth in topics such as the tricky transition and sobering realities of ownership, concepting, team building and tackling GPs, the uphill battle our local spirit brands face as they're taxed to the hilt and unable to price down for speed rails and finally, the main event, a classic format debate on the timely question of whether there is a future for non-alc spirits.

A day for knowledge sharing, great conversation and shifting perspectives, there’ll also be drinks (alc and non-alc), opportunities to network, a lavish lunch and the chance for the audience to have their say and questions answered.

If you’re serious about your career in hospitality, then attending the 2023 MCF Symposium is a sure fire way to level up your knowledge. The opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s finest talent, all in the one room, renders this year’s Symposium a not-to-be-missed event.

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